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 TPU ring neck apron
TPU polyurethane -  A high quality apron, does not harbour bacteria, cut & abrasion resistant, r..
Ex GST: $28.00
Deluge butcher apron
Deluge - resists solvents & other chemicals, puncture resistant, complies with food safe regular..
Ex GST: $27.50
Economy PVC apron
PVC, low cost waterproof apron, good drape, resistance to cracking, 0.3mm thick, hook and bungy styl..
Ex GST: $13.00
EVA soft apron
Apron EVA, USFDA compliant , flexible, soft, stress crack resistance, lightweight, good barrier prop..
Ex GST: $21.00
Genlon apron heavy duty
Genlon apron, heavy duty pvc,  600gsm, made from very strong tarpaulin material, Hook & bungy st..
Ex GST: $42.00
Tear off disposable aprons
Apron - Hanging / Tear off type  Bastion standard  White   Used for medical, general industry, food..
Ex GST: $175.00
TPU high quality apron
A very high quality apron, waterproof, with black webbing ties, machine washable, does not harbour b..
Ex GST: $28.00
TPU Miluthan hook & bungy style
A premium 100% waterproof quality apron, will not crack at a low temperature, does not harbour bacte..
Ex GST: $42.00


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